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Values and School Philosophy

Willmott Park Primary School is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all students, staff and members of our community. Our school recognises the importance of the partnership between our school and parents and carers to support student learning, engagement and wellbeing. We share a commitment to, and a responsibility for, creating an inclusive and safe school environment for our students.

Willmott Park Primary School’s values are Responsibility, Respect and Achievement.
We show Respect at our school by respecting ourselves, our school and everyone, and showing kindness. We also understand that our choices have an impact on those around us.
We show Responsibility at our school by acknowledging and taking responsibility for our actions and choices, taking care of our school and of our community and being responsible for our learning.
We show Achievement by striving for excellence in both academics and behaviour and having a growth mindset to set and achieve our goals both inside and outside of the classroom.


Willmott Park Primary School’s mission is
• All students have the right to learn.
• All teachers have the right to teach.
• Everyone has the right to be safe and included.


Willmott Park Primary School’s vision and overarching philosophy is that every child has the right to learn in a safe and supportive environment. 
We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school, catering for differences and placing a high priority on the wellbeing of all stakeholders. 
Developing confidence and resilience is a key foundation to all curriculum with the inclusion of a range of specialist and extracurricular activities. As a result of catering for the whole child, students learn to build relationships, be literate, numerate and curious. 
We foster positive relationships and communicate with each other in a respectful and open manner. 
Every child is treated fairly and always heard at Willmott. 
We are proud of our diverse and inclusive school community and the commitment to engage all learners.
The school believes in continuous improvement and high standards of teaching and student learning outcomes. Teachers at the school work collaboratively and support each other to improve student outcomes and their own professional practice.
We acknowledege the Gunung-Willam-Balluk people as the Tradiational Owners of the land on which we meet and pay our respects to the Elders past and present.
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