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Prep Team

Left: Shlain, Bonny, Aaron, Bobbie, Isabelle
In Prep, our educators are dedicated and passionate people who take joy in supporting your children through their first year of school! Recognising the significance of this stage of their life, we are devoted to establishing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where children feel comfortable and flourish. Our Prep teachers strive to ensure that your child maximises their capabilities, by crafting interactive and stimulating learning experiences that integrate play.

Grade 1 Team

Left: Lina, Nicole, Nalan, Amarpreet
In Grade One, we have fun! We are a team of dedicated teachers who pride ourselves on team collaboration to create fun and engaging lessons. We love hands on and creative learning. We listen and talk to our students and incorporate interest-based learning in all curriculum areas. We adopt a student-centred approach to make sure students have agency in their learning. We are dedicated in ensuring your child grows academically, socially, and emotionally.

Grade 2 Team

Bradley, Laura, Lauren and Nicole.
Meet the marvellous team in Grade Two. We are an experienced team of enthusiastic teachers who are looking forward to teaching Grade 2 in 2024. We take the time to meet the individual wellbeing and academic needs of your child. We are committed to helping children develop the skills and values that will enable them to become lifelong learners. We encourage students to use their passions and skills in the learning process. We are a team of teachers who are truly dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for all children and we endeavour to make learning fun and engaging for all.

Grade 3 Team

Left: Alex, Georgia, Dianne, Haydn
Meet the amazing Grade Three team!
The Grade Three team is dedicated to empowering all our students. We endeavour to provide an inclusive, safe and diverse learning environment where all students learning needs are met and they can experience continual success. We build strong connections with all students and their families and along with our wonderful Education Support Staff, we enable students to achieve their personal best and provide them with the tools to develop their resilience as they begin their journey to the ‘upper years’ of their schooling journey. Our students' wellbeing is paramount to our teaching and, we always put the students emotional and social wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.

Grade 4 Team

Left: Beth, Lauren, Victoria, Jake
The Year 4 team is made up of amazing teachers and education support staff that prioritise the learning and wellbeing of all students. We cater to students social, emotional and academic needs and develop fun, interactive and differentiated lessons. Alongside our students, we develop a safe and inclusive environment through the incorporation of student voice, agency and feedback.
We often incorporate our personalities into our teaching and can always be seen with a smile on our faces. Our interests include travelling, exercising, martial arts and eating chocolate. We are looking forward to the amazing year 2024 will be and cannot wait to form lifelong memories with our student cohort.

Grade 5 Team

Left: Susan, Michael, Thomas, George, Regina
Good Boy: Jumbo
Being in Grade 5 is a privilege like no other.

Grade 5 is our very first step towards adolescence and there are no safer hands for helping your students embark on that journey than the Grade 5 team. With Grade 6 and Year 7 on the horizon, we strive to ensure that our young learners are equipped with all the strategies and academic skills that will build on their resilience skills. As VERY young adults, the Grade 5 students will be students that uphold the school values of Respect, Achievement and Responsibility and so much more.

After being in Grade 5 - the students will exit the year wishing that they could stay just one more day. But nothing more than that, holidays are starting.

Grade 6 Team

Left: Daniel, Jordan, Yasemin, Kon, Khoi
Meet a dedicated group of grade 6 teachers – Jordan, Yasemin, Khoi, Daniel, and Kon – who are committed to enhancing student learning. With passion and enthusiasm, they collaboratively strive to create an engaging and supportive educational environment, fostering a love for learning in each student. Through their collective efforts, these educators aim to make a lasting impact on the academic journey of their students.

Specialist Team

Top Left: Mitchell, Peta, Tim, Michael B, Jarrod, Shaun, Bonny
Bottom Left: Margaret, Elizabeth, Theresa, Sarah P, Josie, Lia, Rosetta
Absent: Cat, Julie, Michael L, Sarah L

Welcome to our vibrant community of specialist educators at Willmott Park Primary School. Our team is a diverse group of happy and cheerful professionals who bring a wealth of passion and enthusiasm to their respective fields. Whether it's igniting a love for sports, fostering creativity through music and performing arts, introducing the fascinating world of STEM, or teaching the beautiful language of AUSLAN, our specialists are dedicated to providing an enriching and holistic educational experience for every student. Join us in celebrating the joy of learning and the pursuit of excellence in all areas of school life!

Education Support (ES)

Top Left: Justine, Michelle K, Jan, D'Arne, Samanthan, Amanda, Nihara, Mira
Middle Left: Deborah, Julie, Martine, Karen, Lisa, Michelle H, Michael, Lesley, Belinda
Bottom Left: Margaret, Himani, Bony, Purnima, Mel, Gee, Karen, Pauline, Rose, Heather
Therapy Dog: Sana
Absent: Allison, Francie, Jacky, Lilly, Melanie, Pratibha, Shalini, Tasia, Wendy
Say hello to the amazing education support team at WPPS. Our ES play a vital role in supporting teachers and students in the classroom. Our compassionate and caring staff provide valuable assistance, whether it’s providing one-on-one support, aiding support with learning strategies, scaffolding, modelling, using worked examples or running lunchtime clubs.

The ES staff strive to facilitate students learning and growth both individually and/or as a group of students. The ES staff ensure all students feel welcomed, supported, and included in their learning journey.

Our ES are an asset to the education system and work above and beyond helping to ensure that every student at Willmott Park Primary School has the opportunity to succeed and achieve their goals to the best of their abilities

Administration Staff

Left: Nicole, Deb, Tash, Lesley, Amanda
We acknowledege the Gunung-Willam-Balluk people as the Tradiational Owners of the land on which we meet and pay our respects to the Elders past and present.
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