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Prep Team

Left: Jacinta, Bobbie, Alicia, Jozlyn
In Prep, our teachers are very dedicated and hard-working individuals. We love watching your children grow and become confident learners in their first year of school. We understand that starting school is a big step in a child’s life and we are dedicated to creating a warm and nurturing environment where children feel at home and can thrive. 
The Prep teachers ensure every child reaches their full potential by creating engaging, hands-on units of work that allow children to learn through play.

Grade 1 Team

Left: Stephanie, Tim, Nicole, Dianne
Absent: Lauren
Grade One is fun!
We love hands on and creative learning. You will always find us with a smile on our face and are highly approachable. We are interested in hearing all about our students lives and their accomplishments. We loved watching the students learn and grow both academically as well as socially and emotionally.

Here are some words to describe us below:

Grade 2 Team

Left: Tianne, Sarah, Jarrod, Brad, Nadia, Leah
Absent: Lucinda
Meet the terrific team in Grade Two. We strive to build strong connections with all students and tailor learning to assist them in developing independence and building confidence. We aim to equip students with the skills and values necessary to become lifelong learners. We encourage students to use their passions and skills in the learning process.

We are a team of teachers who are truly dedicated to positive outcomes for all children and who make learning fun and engaging for all.

Grade 3 Team

Left: Thomas, Karyn, Georgia, Belinda, David
Meet the amazing Grade Three team!

The Grade Three team is made up of dedicated and passionate teachers and education support staff who strive to build strong connections with all students and their families and provide engaging and fun learning experiences. We aim to provide an inclusive, safe, and diverse learning environment where students can develop their skills across all areas and become lifelong learners. We empower all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and provide them with the tools to develop their resilience as they begin their journey to the ‘upper years’ of their schooling journey. Student wellbeing is paramount to our teaching and as a team, we always put the students emotional and social wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.

Grade 4 Team

Left: Daniel, Beth, Kon, Dee
Absent: Stephanie
The Grade 4 team is made up of dedicated inclusive teachers and teacher aides who came from diverse backgrounds with many different interests including gaming, soccer, gardening, cooking, pets and much more! At our core, we believe in a holistic approach that ensures we look after the wellbeing and learning of our students. Students who feel safe, respected and happy are likely to learn and want to learn.

We aim to build and develop socially aware learners who are curious about their ever changing world around them, ensuring they pursue learning as a lifelong passion. As educators we also believe in embracing and celebrating our students’ successes no matter big or small as we all on different learning paths and journeys. We are passionate about a student-centred approach that’s underpinned by social justice and believe in getting to know our students interests, passions and cultures.

Grade 5 Team

Left: Susan, Brooke, George, Alex, Rachel, Lisa
Absent: Joanna
In Grade Five we strive!

We love building connections with our students, both in and outside the classroom. We love watching our children learn, grow, and develop into young adults in their final years of primary school.

We are a team, who strives to make learning fun and engaging so that every student can achieve success in their own way.

Grade 6 Team

Left: Claire, Nathan, Daniel, Jordan, Brittany
Absent: Jasmin
In Grade 6, our teachers are very dedicated and hard-working individuals. We love watching your children grow and become confident learners in their final year of school. 

We understand that transitioning to high school is a big step in a child’s life and we are dedicated to preparing them for high school and becoming lifelong learners. 

The Grade 6 teachers strive to teach fun, engaging and enriching programs that encourage student voice and collaboration.


Top Left: Mitchell, Peta, Tim, Michael B, Jarrod, Shaun, Bonny
Bottom Left: Margaret, Elizabeth, Theresa, Sarah P, Josie, Lia, Rosetta
Absent: Cat, Julie, Michael L, Sarah L

Education Support

Top Left: Justine, Michelle K, Jan, D'Arne, Samanthan, Amanda, Nihara, Mira
Middle Left: Deborah, Julie, Martine, Karen, Lisa, Michelle H, Michael, Lesley, Belinda
Bottom Left: Margaret, Himani, Bony, Purnima, Mel, Gee, Karen, Pauline, Rose, Heather
Therapy Dog: Sana
Absent: Allison, Francie, Jacky, Lilly, Melanie, Pratibha, Shalini, Tasia, Wendy
We acknowledege the Gunung-Willam-Balluk people as the Tradiational Owners of the land on which we meet and pay our respects to the Elders past and present.
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