Welcome to Willmott Park Primary School

Willmott Park is a modern school, utilising the latest technologies, curriculum, and fantastic specialist programs.  Our school is situated on beautiful grounds, offering a wonderful and safe place for students to play.  Willmott Park is proud to employ passionate and professional teaching staff who are dedicated to the wellbeing and education of our students in a changing and challenging world.

At Willmott Park, we celebrate a diverse range of family backgrounds, which brings a rich and positive perspective to our community.  Willmott Park is proud to host a dedicated Deaf Facility which features highly trained Teachers of the Deaf.  The school offers incredible support and extension programs for students as well as a large range of extra-curricular activities for students.

As we are currently unable to hold school tours, please enjoy a short “Virtual Tour” of Willmott Park Primary School via the video below.

Thank you and we hope to see you in the future!

Apps for parents

Support Programs

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Willmott Park Primary School provides an English as an Additional Language Program for our

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During these lessons the students develop their curiosity with hands-on experiences that encourage them to think like scientists and engineers.

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