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School Council

Demonstrating a broad range of interests, talents and experience, the School Council is responsible for guiding and monitoring the School on behalf of the members of the School (the Association), and is subject to election by the Association.

Donna Draper
Taya Bartlett
Vice President
Rose Evangelou
Sara-Kate Allen
Minute Secretary
Danielle Crncevic
Correspondence Secretary
Evan Hughes
Carmel Guglielmino
Luci Scamarcio
Carolyn Barnes
Kelly Alyesandratos
Lynda Bond
Smita Grover
Shelley Dighton
Abilasha Singh

iPad 1:1 Program 2021

At Willmott Park Primary School, we run a 1:1 iPad program for the students. We believe that rich learning is reinforced by revisiting and extending the learning during the day again at home on a personal device.

To find out more on what iPad Apps are required, please press here.

iPad JB-Hi-Fi BYOD Online

This JB Hi-Fi Solutions Education portal provides you access to a wide range of Education specific laptops, tablets, accessories and insurance. Each product has been selected and approved to work within your schools ICT infrastructure. It’s our way to help families get the best deal on technology for learning, at Education specific prices.

To get our school code, please contact us on our help form.


Store Link

iPad Prep Information

The school will provide some basic iPads that the students will be able to use in class to develop basic skills and how to care for the device. We do not expect that prep students will be bringing their own iPad during Term 1 and into Term 2.

At the ‘appropriate’ time, Prep students will be able to bring their own iPad to and from school. The ‘appropriate’ time will be the point where the children have developed a level of independence and responsibility to manage the transition of the device between school and home.  This decision will not be made until the end of term 2.

Prior to the Prep iPad program beginning, a list of apps will be provided for parents to duplicate on their devices at home. This will be a great opportunity to revisit these programs when at home.


How to order

Our School Canteen operates everyday throughout the week. We offer our students a wide variety of food choices. Parents are able to place their child’s lunch order electronically. 

Download the QKR app from the App Store and search for Willmott Park PS.

For the Canteen Price List, please download the PDF below.



Willmott Park PS have outsourced school uniform ordering and purchases for parents to PSW Uniforms.
The school office will no longer be taking orders or providing uniforms.

Please refer to the PSW Cambellfield store for WPPS uniforms.


Willmott Park Store


Cambellfield PSW


Address: 2/283 Rex Rd, Campbellfield VIC 3061
Phone: (03) 9768 0337

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