Monday 18th of October

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As previously announced by the Victorian Government, we have a staggered return of students to face-to-face learning over this week and next week.

Therefore, the onsite attendance document is still required next week for those children requiring onsite supervision for the days that they are not doing face-to-face learning with their teacher.

Please refer to Carmel’s messages on Seesaw and Sentral regarding which days per year level are face-to-face and onsite days. Also, the arrangements for gates and drop off/pick up areas is outlined in the message too.

From next weekALL year levels will be back part time, therefore there are specific Onsite Attendance Forms on the school website relating to your child’s year level. The forms have specific Onsite Learning days (with the face-to-face days blocked out).

The forms for Onsite Attendance are as follows:

Prep: Thursday & Friday (remote/onsite learning)

on-site-attendance-form Term 4 Prep

Grades 1&2: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (remote/onsite learning)

on-site-attendance-form Term 4 G1&2

Grades 3&4: Monday, Thursday & Friday (remote/onsite learning

on-site-attendance-form Term 4 G3&G4

Grades 5&6: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (remote/onsite learning)

on-site-attendance-form Term 4 G5&6

If you have multiple children over varying year levels, you will need to fill out separate Onsite Attendance Forms that relate to their specific year level/s.

Please ensure that you send ALL Onsite forms in the same email if you have multiple children.

All onsite forms are due by 10am Thursday 21st October. NO late forms will be accepted.

All Onsite Students will continue to use the Front Office door in the mornings and afternoons as per usual. Students attending face-to-face learning will be using specified gates that will be open – please refer to Carmel’s messages on Seesaw.

A reply email either accepting or not accepting onsite attendance will be sent.


All versions of the Onsite Forms can be located on the school website.