Friday 24th September

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you are enjoying the school holidays and are staying safe and well.

As announced by the Victorian Premier earlier this week, Remote Learning will continue into Term 4 where weeks 1 and 2 will be Remote Learning for ALL students. After this, there is a staggered return to face-to-face learning, which will be communicated at a later date, in line with the Victorian Government and Department of Education directive.

There is a new Term 4 Onsite Attendance Form that must be used for the beginning of Term 4.

The new form can be found on the school website and will be sent via Seesaw as well.

All parents and guardians who are permitted workers must send through an updated workers permit, as the dates will have lapsed.

Please send the onsite attendance form and workers permits for all parents/guardians relevant to your child in the one email.

Workers Permits and Onsite Attendance forms can be sent from Monday 27th September.

Forms are due by 10am Thursday 30th September.

NO late forms will be accepted, so please set a reminder and gather all documentation to send in the one email.

Staff are not able to follow up with parents over the holidays if any documentation is not sent through, this includes, for example, if one parent has not included their permit in the email, then onsite attendance will not be accepted.

Below are the only 2 categories that are accepted for onsite attendance:

☐ My child/ren is/are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made as l am an authorised worker. (Note: A copy of the authorised worker permit/s must be provided to the school as soon as practicable after being issued)

☐ My child/ren is/are experiencing vulnerability (Has a disability where they cannot learn from home, is in Out of Home Care or deemed vulnerable by a government service including Family Violence, homeless or youth justice service).

As stated in the guidelines, students must not be attending onsite if they are unwell. Students will be sent home if they are sick and will require a negative Covid result and for the symptoms of the illness to not be present before returning to onsite attendance.

If your child has an underlying diagnosed condition that has some symptoms similar to Covid (eg: hayfever) then they will need a negative covid result and an allergy plan / letter from the doctor before onsite attendance can resume.

Please send through the Onsite Attendance Forms and Workers Permits for ALL Parents/Guardians relevant to your child/ren to the school email:

A reminder that ALL documentation is due by 10am Thursday 30th September and NO late forms will be accepted as staffing arrangements are required to be made.  

Parents/Guardians will receive a reply email if your child has been accepted or not accepted for onsite attendance.