2021 Willmott Park Primary School DIGITAL LEARNING Policy Review 2023

The use of digital technologies is a mandated component of the Victorian Curriculum F-10.
Safe and appropriate use of digital technologies, including the internet, apps, computers and tablets,
can provide students with rich opportunities to support learning and development in a range of ways.
Through increased access to digital technologies, students can benefit from learning that is
interactive, collaborative, personalised, engaging and transformative. Digital technologies enable our
students to interact with and create high quality content, resources and tools. It also enables
personalised learning tailored to students’ particular needs and interests and transforms assessment,
reporting and feedback, driving new forms of collaboration and communication.
Willmott Park Primary School believes that the use of digital technologies at school allows the
development of valuable skills and knowledge and prepares students to thrive in our globalised and
inter-connected world. Our school’s vision is to empower students to use digital technologies safely
and appropriately to reach their personal best and fully equip them to contribute positively to society
as happy, healthy young adults.