Wellbeing - Wellbeing at WPPS

WPPS begins every year with a ‘Quality Beginning Program’. This program discusses the schools values and what it means to be a student in a Kids Matter school. It establishes expectations and gives teachers quality time to get to know their students, their interests and learning styles. We believe this program allows teachers to set up classrooms where they can establish and build on great relationships with students and ensure engaging learning occurs throughout the year. These school values-Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Honesty, Freedom and Happiness are revisited in the first Wellbeing lesson of each new term and throughout the year.

A 50 minute timetabled Wellbeing session occurs across all classrooms on a weekly basis. The school values are integrated into these sessions, as well as the principles of Kids Matter which include building a positive school community and addressing the social and emotional needs of all students. Issues such as Cyber Safety, Drug Education and Human Development (Grades 5&6) are also covered.

Classroom teachers monitor behaviour on a daily basis and set up reward systems with their class to support and encourage their good behaviour. Students can also reflect on their day in calming down areas set up in all classrooms.

As well as Playground Support staff, we have trained Peer Mediators who are outside during break times to further assist students with any minor issues they may have. Before and after school all entry gates are supervised by teachers. All play areas around the school are also supervised by a staff member during recess and lunch breaks and students who display the 3 R’s –Resilience, Relationships and Respect are given tokens of recognition which they can collect. Once they receive 6 tokens they are recognised with a Playground Award Certificate and receive a small prize. 

Our Prep-2 and Year 3-6 Wellbeing Leaders are supported by regional psychologists and speech therapists who can be referred to if required.