Acting Principal

Carmela Guglielmino

Having been in education for 30 years, I am passionate about how each student learns; at their own pace and in their own way.
Curriculum and curiosity always go hand in hand in an ever-changing world. Students wellbeing should also be at the forefront of everything with the central aspect of inclusion and connectedness to their community.

At Willmott, we are all about the whole child and respect for diversity. We are inclusive and enable all our students, families, and staff to attend a school that is safe, nurturing and above all a place to learn.

We value opinions and encourage student agency through our curriculum. Everyone is appreciated at our school and the time is taken to ensure we are methodical and transparent in our approach to education. 

We want to enable our students to be happy, healthy and continue to be passionate about their education in future years.

We are the stepping stone to many exciting possibilities for their futures.