Parents - School Council

The School Council is a representative body with a membership reflecting the important relationship between student, teacher and the home. In our caring school community it is valued as a guiding and supporting body responsible for the global operation of the school. School Councils are constituted as legal bodies under State Legislation and represent the Crown.

The 2019 School Council membership includes:

President -  Donna Draper
Vice President  Susan Grant
Treasurer – Rose Evangelou
Correspondence Secretary  Taya Bartlett

General Members:
Evan Hughes
Carmel Guglielmino
Sara Kate Allen
Brigitte Riscica 

4 Parent Representatives:
Carolyn Barnes
Lynda Bond
Danielle Crncevic
Crystal Mott

These are your elected community representatives. Parents and members of the wider community are most welcome to contact any members of the Council to discuss any matters of concern or interest. Council normally meets the third Monday each month at 6.30pm. Specific details can be found in the School newsletter. Members of the wider community are welcome to attend as observers.