Parents - Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is going well and many students 
have been trying and enjoying eating new foods. Most 
students are able to serve themselves and are getting quicker 
each week at washing and drying the bowls, plates and cutlery they use.


- If your child is enrolled in BREAKFAST CLUB on a Thursday or Friday morning please ensure they arrive at the ART room by 8.25am SHARP. This ensures that they have enough time to be served and eat their meal before the service finishes.
- There have been a number of students who are enrolled, however are not attending each week. If this continues, you will be notified that their spot will be given to another child on the waiting list. 
- Students who are late and have been arriving at finishing time will not be able to use the service, as all volunteers have classes and commitments to attend to before the school bell.

Every child, every day, needs to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast, but we understand it can sometimes be difficult to get your child to eat in the morning! 
We are here to help.
If your child is interested in attending the Breakfast Club, please see your childs classroom teacher or the office for the forms, to be returned to the school. 


Kind Regards from the Breakfast Club Team