Meet the teachers: Deaf Facility

Willmott Park Primary School’s Deaf Facility is staff with specially trained teachers of the Deaf.  All teachers within the facility have either a masters degree, or equivalent, along with training in Auslan (Australian sign language).

Theresa O’Melveny, Team Leader

Theresa is an experienced teacher who has been worked in both the U. S. and Australia.  She has taught across a variety of year levels here at Willmott Park Primary school since 2009.  Theresa has a passion for providing students with an education that is engaging, accessible, and challenging.  What Theresa most loves about the Deaf Facility is collaborating with passionate teachers who are committed to truly student-centred teaching and learning activities.

Peta Turner, Teacher of the Deaf

Peta is an experienced teacher of the Deaf with more than ten years of experience around Australia.  Willmott Park Primary School has been very lucky have Peta join the Deaf Facility in 2019.  Peta generously shares her wealth of experience and innovative ideas, ensuring that students have fun and engaging language experiences.  Some of Peta’s special interests and talents include a love of nature, gardening, and craft.  

Elizabeth Chrysostomou, Teacher of the Deaf and Auslan

Miss Lizzie has shared her love of Auslan with Willlmott Park Primary School since 2018. Impressively, not only is Lizzie trained as an Auslan teacher, but she also has additional qualifications as a Teacher of the Deaf.  Working as both an Auslan specialist teacher and within the Deaf Facility, Lizzie is able to support students bilingually.  Lizzie is a world traveller and has visited many countries, including Greece in which language she is also fluent!

Catherine Melvaine, Teacher of the Deaf

Cat has been working within Willmott Park’s Deaf Facility since 2008.  She is trained in a variety of areas including deaf education, Auslan, Auslan interpreting, and special needs education.  These skills enable Cat to support children bilingually as needed.  Cat is also working as a visiting teacher to support a number of students across the Goulbourn and Ovens Murray regions.  Cat loves to share her many passions with staff and students, including West African drumming and dancing.