Deaf Facility

Willmott Park Deaf Facility in Craigieburn, established in 2003, provides access to a comprehensive mainstream education for primary aged deaf/hearing-impaired children in the outer northern suburbs. The Deaf Facility students are fully integrated into the School and also access Deaf Facility programs aimed at meeting individual needs.

The Teacher of the Deaf works closely with the classroom teacher to ensure the classroom environment and teaching strategies optimise the children’s participation and learning at all times. Professional development is given to the school staff each year on deafness and how to support students to function confidently in the mainstream school environment.

All Deaf Facility students access programs through the Deaf Facility. The program delivery for each student is based on their individual needs, informed by test results and analysis of communicative competence.

Willmott Park Primary School has a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support, explicitly teaching and rewarding our school values of Respect, Responsibility, and Achievement. The Deaf Facility ensures that these essential learning behaviours are clearly understood and practised.

Programs focus on:

  • Language: Oral language testing and goal setting; English grammar and vocabulary; Concept development; Pragmatic skills (management of spoken language)
  • Speech: Speech testing and weekly integrated speech sessions
  • Auditory Skills program: Integrated into weekly teaching sessions
  • Communication and Literacy: Reading and writing support in Deaf Facility during Literacy sessions
  • Welfare/Deaf identity: Including special events such a Deaf Sports, Auslan interpreted performances and videoconferencing with deaf students in other locations.