Curriculum - P.E

At Willmott Park Primary School we run a comprehensive sport and recreation program from our highly successful PMP program for Preps all the way to Grade 6. We aim to not only deliver a high standard of physical education from our highly experienced teachers, but we also have a high emphasis on the encouragement to use skills learnt to live a happier healthier life.

Our goal is to show all our students it doesn’t take much to stay fit and healthy and we impart knowledge and skills that not only our students can use everyday, but pass on to family and friends also. A strong emphasis on DDPYoga(, Stretching and Flexibility along with our dedication to heart health with our skipping program. Believing that we are the leader in student physical health but also we are a school that encourages our students, everyday about the importance of having a health body and mind.

Our PE program also gives students every opportunity for students and/or teams who excel at this level are also given the opportunity to further test their abilities through district, regional, state and national competition School Sport Victoria (SSV) programs. 
Some of the sport and recreation programs on offer at Willmott Park PS include; Hot Shots Tennis; Athletics; Hooptime (Basketball); Friday Inter-school sport; Hockey 7’s; Rugby 7’s; Kanga 8’s Cricket; Cross Country; Aus Kick Football Gala Days; Tabloid Sports Carnivals and HPV to name but a few.

At Willmott Park PS, sport, health, fitness and fun all link together.