Care Team

Meet our Care Team

The Care Team at Willmott Park Primary prides itself on a wholistic approach to every child and every family.

The Care Team is comprised of: The Assistant Principal, 2 Wellbeing Leaders, an Educational Psychologist , a Speech Pathologist, and a Programs for Students with Disabilities Leader.

This Care Team also liaises with a variety of other paraprofessionals and agencies to ensure all avenues are sought to assist anyone in the Willmott community.

The following are some members of our Care Team:

Luci Scamarcio – Student Wellbeing Leader 

I have been a teacher at Willmott Park for 12 years and am currently in my 5th year as a Student Wellbeing Leader.

I have a passion for education and the wellbeing of all students at our school. We are privileged at our school to have a very diverse and dynamic Care Team. Our team works closely together to ensure that all students are supported as best as possible and have access to the interventions they need.

As the leader of the Care Team, I oversee the student referral process, support staff and carers with concerns and ensure that we respond in a timely manner. As part of our processes we may conduct internal observations and testing, refer to external agencies, refer to DET Allied Health professionals such as psychologists and speech therapists or provide support via our Tier 2 intervention Programs. We work together with staff, students and their families towards the best outcomes for our students.