About Us - From the Principal

At Willmott Park Primary School we understand the important role we play in our students lives.

Our highly professional staff strive to make sure that your relationship with the school is a happy and productive one and brings positive outcomes for your child. Willmott Park is a dynamic school community that provides a comprehensive curriculum and supportive pastoral care for all students. The school enrolment in 2017 is over 780. Each student is challenged and supported both academically and socially with consideration given to individual needs. Students are also given the opportunity to be involved in their own education through curriculum design, leadership opportunities and student-led conferences. Best practice is engaged through all facets of school life at Willmott Park using Quality Principles and Tools that are applied in the classroom and across whole school activities and events. Staff at this school undertake training to implement these principles. You are invited to contact the school and obtain an information pack and enrolment details. Contained in the pack are the school’s mission statement and our very carefully chosen values: Respect, Acceptance, Freedom, Happiness, Honesty and Responsibility. The values form an intrinsic part of everyday interactions at school and we hope students take these values with them through their life. At the commencement of each year every class embarks on a ‘Quality Beginning’ program where these values are practiced and explained.

Presently there are 98 teachers & educational support staff. Staff professional learning is a priority to ensure that our teachers are highly skilled to prepare students for a changing and challenging world. Physical Education, Science, and Visual Arts, Music (including violin and choir), English as a Second Language are offered and an onsite a Deaf Facility caters for hearing impaired students that are integrated into classes and supported by facility staff. ELearning provides opportunities for challenged based learning through a 1-1 IPad program. A variety of programs operate to support and extend student learning with language support and extension.

Please feel free to contact Deborah Crane, Assistant Principal, or myself if you wish to discuss issues relating to our unique facilities, our comprehensive curriculum, special educational needs, pastoral care, school programs or any other aspect of our school.


Evan Hughes