About Us - Our School

Willmott Park Primary opened in 1995 with just over 100 students and has over 780 enrolled in 2017. The school currently has a staff of over 110. Our student profile continues to change with an increasingly diverse backgrounds and cultures that brings a rich and positive perspective for the community. There is an increasing demand for OSHC (Out of School Hours Care) places that is housed in a free-standing, purpose-built and well-equipped facility. The school had building upgrades in 2008 and 2013. Two new prep outdoor learning areas have been created to complement the developmental curriculum. They include sand pits, cubby houses & a large outdoor work space.

Willmott Park boasts exceptional grounds and recreational play area that includes three separate adventure zones, outdoor performing area, an all-weather play area, outdoor performance area, gardens, a fitness room, music, art, science and other learning specialisation areas.

Staff professional learning has been a strong priority focusing with a four year plan that focuses on improving learning outcomes with literacy & numeracy. This continued focus on teaching & learning, teacher performance and development and improving student learning outcomes are prominent in both the strategic & annual implementation plans. A representative working party embarked on a program to review staff performance and development, professional learning and curriculum support delivery. The recommendations from the working party have been implemented.

Specialist programs for all students include Physical Education, Science, and Visual Arts and Music. English as an Additional Language (EAL) is offered for new arrivals & students with language other than English. A Deaf Facility operates within the school that has eleven students enrolled. The hearing impaired students are integrated into classes and supported by the facility staff. To complement the Deaf Facility Auslan (the signing language of the deaf) is offered as a Language Other Than English (LOTE).

The school maintains a computer-to-student ratio of at least 1:2 across the school and provides a meaningful and appropriate integration of ICT into student learning. Interactive LCD televisions and projectors are fitted in all classrooms and to support teaching and learning, thus taking Willmott Park to the forefront of technology in schools. A 1:1 IPad program has been introduced across the school.

A variety of curriculum support programs operate that include Reading Club (years 3 to 6), EAL, Speech Therapy, Rocket Reading (years 1 and 2) and Hands on Learning and Developmental Curriculum in Prep. A wide variety of lunchtime programs (choir, band, gym, and computer etc.) continue to support student engagement. Extra-curricular programs are a big feature that includes HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) and many more.

Willmott Park is an exemplary school that continues to build teacher expertise through ongoing professional learning and careful recruitment. And at the same time presents a balanced curriculum and a structured and equitable student management process. The Willmott Park staff are committed, parents are supportive and the students very well managed. A shared leadership model operates that devolves responsibility across a broad range of responsibilities. The school has a culture where everybody is learning, innovation is seen as the norm and challenges seen as opportunities.